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Did you know that for every $1 your company invests in employee wellness, it gets $3-4 back in savings (healthcare, absenteeism, mental wellness, productivity, etc)? Our Dietitian, Angelina, was previously Wellness Coordinator. From data collected and analyzed, she could see a clear trend in emerging risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancers starting around ages 30-35 (men sooner than women). Offer your employees an opportunity to break this trend by setting up a time to discuss how our team can help your employees.

Corporate Nutrition Consultations

We offer brief nutrition consultations or full, 1-hour nutrition counseling sessions to help your employees become aware of their health status and leave with actionable steps that will motivate them to keep moving forward!

Bonus: If your employees have insurance that we’re a provider for, this service can be covered at little-to-no cost to you!

Eat More Vegetables

Speaking / Presenting

30-60 minutes engaging your employees on a specified topic such as:
– Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Cardiovascular Disease
– Start Personalizing Your Health Goals for Long-term Success
– The First 5 Steps Towards Better Blood Sugars
– How to Begin a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet
– Others available upon request

Nutrition & Wellness Fairs

We can provide materials and interact with your employees through hands-on learning, answering wellness and disease-specific questions related to nutrition for diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight management, heart disease, high blood pressure/cholesterol, and more.

Eat More Vegetables

Culinary Nutrition Workshops

– Better Breakfasts
– Whole Food, Plant Based Lunches
– Meal Plan and Prep Basics
– Others available upon request

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